How we started


From the owners, Paul and Stevie Berryman:

"We both got involved with music growing up in Oklahoma. Stevie played the violin and Paul the trombone in school. We settled in the Houston area in 2005 after Paul's Navy service and started our careers. Paul works IT security and education and Stevie in music and conducting. In 2018, we found a way to combine our passions and skills by starting this company. We are fans of card games and sarcasm and it seemed natural that at some point someone would start paying us for that."

Why Truly Horrible Things?


The value of being able to interact with people in real life doesn't go away just because the world is getting more digital. It actually gets more valuable. A game from Truly Horrible Things lets you share experiences with others in a way that no amount of small talk ever can.

"This is such a great idea. Somebody might even pay money for it"

Stevie Berryman,

co-owner of Truly Horrible Things 

"I am ecstatic about this game. This is by far the best thing I have ever spent my money on."

A happy customer, probably


"Maybe we should solicit actual customer feedback for these testimonials."

Paul Berryman

co-owner of Truly Horrible Things


Here are some people who paid money to get their name on this website.

They. Are. The worst.


Amanda Rogers

Jordan Randall Smith

Guest 1710948503

Sydney Hancock

Luke Brawner

Marvin Garcia

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