A smelly costume. Unblended make up. Being tricked into naming the Scottish play. So many things about the thing we love are terrible things. So hey, why not play cards?


Game play is simple.

Each round the "judge" will read a question card like:

"What's the fastest way to ruin a show?" or "My stage manager will not tolerate ____."

Each player selects their best answer from their hand. Then judge reads them aloud and picks the winner. The next round starts and the judge changes to the next player.  The game can be quick with a few hands or last for hours!


- Perfect for classrooms, cast parties, tech rehearsals, and any time you should be working on lines

- 396 cards, 2 piece box

- high school appropriate (ages 14+)


Theatre Is Tragic, the Card Game


    © 2020 Truly Horrible Things, LLC

    We don't know everything.


    But we always like learning. We find creative, funny, passionate people to work with to create the game that speaks directly to their tribe. We believe that the world is a better place when everyone gets to enjoy a game night with friends once in a while, and we're on a mission to make sure that everyone has a game. Do you know something horrible that would make a great game? Let us know. We love horrible things.


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