Let's face it. The novelty is gone, and Zoom "hang outs" usually just suck. But not anymore? Now, instead of drinking alone, you can drink alone in front of your webcam with 3 to 7 of your closest friends! Pick from any of our collection of games, invite your friends, make them pay for it, and laugh your basses off!

Here's what you get:

  • A personalized Zoom game for 4-8 players*
  • 16 questions (1-2 hours of game play, depending on number of players)
  • The services of 2 people (1 Host, 1 Game Master) to insure a smooth game experience
  • The option of including your own custom content
  • Get any one game or 2 decks from our store shipped to you!


That's right...our virtual game night INCLUDES one of our actual games shipped to you at no extra charge!


*For additional players, contact us for pricing. info@trulyhorriblethings.com

Zoom Game Night

  • Fill out THIS FORM, and we will help you create your perfect game night. 

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We don't know everything.


But we always like learning. We find creative, funny, passionate people to work with to create the game that speaks directly to their tribe. We believe that the world is a better place when everyone gets to enjoy a game night with friends once in a while, and we're on a mission to make sure that everyone has a game. Do you know something horrible that would make a great game? Let us know. We love horrible things.


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Phone: (346) 327-2722

It's easy to remember:

E-G-M-D-A-R-C-S-A-2, an anagram of "2 Card Games"

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