Sarcasm is the sincerest form of flattery

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BUT Why?

Making Connections

Sometimes Talking is hard.

Creating Memories

Everyone should get to feel like the funniest one in the room, even if it's just for a minute.

I hate waiting.

Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.


I know all the things.

I like winning things.


Drinking alone is frowned upon.


Finest Materials

396 high quality gloss cards

Write Your Own

Blank cards are included, funny guy.

4-12 Players

Ages 14+ (Main Games)

Rigid Construction

300 gsm in a sturdy, 2 piece box

Play With Friends

You'll win some, you'll lose some.

Adult Beverages

Over 21? Recommended, not required

© 2020 Truly Horrible Things, LLC

We don't know everything.


But we always like learning. We find creative, funny, passionate people to work with to create the game that speaks directly to their tribe. We believe that the world is a better place when everyone gets to enjoy a game night with friends once in a while, and we're on a mission to make sure that everyone has a game. Do you know something horrible that would make a great game? Let us know. We love horrible things.     

Spring, Texas, US

Phone: (346) 327-2722

It's easy to remember:

E-G-M-D-A-R-C-S-A-2, an anagram of "2 Card Games"

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